Private project has been completed for Croc company

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Private project has been completed for Croc company

29 December 2010
There are different types of projects, one of those types is strictly confidential. The general contractor is a well-known big russian company. From the one hand it would be a great line for the company portfolio. From the other, we can disclose neither the general contractor name nor the project details.

What is possible in such circumstances to announce? Let's try this: the company IT Assist Labs completed the first stage of a serious project to develop an information system for a major Russian customer. The project included the integration of a web portal with new information service.


The general contractor was a company Kroc - the biggest IT integrator in Russia. This puts a special mark on the character of work. Generally, be a subcontractor is not easy. All the organizational and technical shortcomings of the project participants are being dumped on his head.

The project was also notable for a new experience: the work was carried out exclusively on-site general contractor, in an atmosphere of extraordinary secrecy in the very unusual team.

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