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Very interesting and challenging project. We really enjoyed working with colleagues from "Aladdin" as one team.

Secret Disk Management Server 2.x

Aladdin company launches a new era of data protection systems by launching a project Secret Disk Enterprise,

Secret Disk Enterprise – a corporate system for a confidential data protection with a centralized management – monitors all protected media, reduces risk of unintentional data loss due to user's activity, reduces TCO, increases corporate data security level.

The system solves the following tasks:
  • protects against unauthorized access and disclosure of confidential information held on users' computers;
  • allows centralized management of protected discs on users' computers;
  • provides a unified monitoring and diagnosis of the protected media;
  • delineates the rights of users of the product when accessing secure data, including system administrators;
  • reduces the load on support services and administration through the use of administrative Web-portal.
  • centralized management of the installation, configuration and maintenance of an encrypted IT infrastructure;
  • rapid implementation - from one working day;
  • a simple user interface that requires no training and expertise of users;
  • flexible settings for concurrent access to encrypted data for different categories of users, including technical services, which virtually eliminates the chance of accidental loss of information and unauthorized access to data;
  • support for multiple encryption algorithms, including the Russian GOST 28147-89.

ITA Labs team, as professionals in the area of distributed client-server applications, was involved by Aladdin company for development of management server components.

sdms-wizards1 sdms-wizards2

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