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This time it wasn't needed to travel to Zambia. However, unstable african internet made a lot of troubles to us.

Zambian voter roll 2011

Zambian voter roll 2011

In 2006 Zambia hold democratic elections to determine the legislative and executive branches of government. In terms of this activity fingerprints of all citiziens were collected. This data was processed and used to ensure that each voter casts the vote only one time.

In 2011 Electoral Comission of Zambia (ECZ) decided to update biometric system to a most recent version with a few specific requirements. The ultimate goal is having the system to work in real time mode to process ongoing registeration requests.

ID Solutions, Inc. was awarded a contract to supply a new version of AFIS to process few million people and supply a new integration solution. ITA Labs as R&D department of ID Solutions, Inc. has successfully implemented a new version of integration software as well as a new version of ID Solutions AFIS to adapt it for specific project requirements and needs. The software was successfully deployed and ran at the Zambian Electoral Commission (ECZ) facility.

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