First stage of Zambian Voter Roll 2011 is completed

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First stage of Zambian Voter Roll 2011 is completed

24 June 2011

We've completed the first stage of Zambian voter roll 2011 project. We have implemented a new versions of biometric search system and integration solution for Zambia. Customer has replaced obsolete cluster hardware with a new one. The solution we developed was deployed to the new cluster few months ago in the data center of Electoral Comission of Zambia.

The system has successfully re-processed few million biometric records. The same task as in 2006 was solved by thirty two 6-core blades instead of sixty 1U servers. Seach system used 786 cores in total!

We're preparing for the next stage - delevoping a next version of AFIS and integration solution to be deployed as a continually working system to process ongoing registration of new voters. This new version is being tested and tuned.

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